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Certification by the translation agency




Our agency renders services on translation of texts of any subject area and complexity from/into more than 40 world languages. The prices per one page of translation for every language are stated in the RATES section. Translation is performed by professional translators with expertise in various fields of knowledge. The translated text is then thoroughly edited and proofread. The translated text is provided to the customer in any convenient electronic form or in hard copy. We guarantee full confidentiality of information contained in the documents.


Consecutive interpretation. Interpretation of successive utterances by turns with the speaker. The cost of one hour of consecutive interpretation is $30* depending on the language. The cost of full 8-hour working day is from $240.* Synchronous interpretation. Synchronous interpretation is performed simultaneously with the speech without interrupting the speaker for translation. Generally, this type of interpretation is arranged using specific equipment. The cost of synchronous interpreter services is to be specified depending on working conditions. We can also provide the equipment or arrange for lease of specially equipped premises to hold events requiring synchronous interpretation.


Certification by the translating agency means validation of the translation by our seal and signature. Such certification does not require special preparation of documents. The cost of this service is $1*


Authentificaton of a translator’s signature by the notary who has registered this translator based on the document confirming professional competency of the latter (college degree diploma, etc.). This type of certification is required mostly for translated documents used within the country. There are two types of notarization:
1. «original+translation»
2. «notarized copy+translation»
depending on the document attached to the translation.
The cost of notarization is $7.5* per one notarized document.


Legalization of documents and Apostille

Legalization of documents, executed and certified in Ukraine by public or local authorities and intended for use abroad, is performed in the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine or its representative office, as well as in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Apostille is a special form of document certification subject to the provisions of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961. Ukraine is a party to the Convention. Apostille is applied only in the member countries of the Convention. If a country is not a signatory to the Convention, apostillization in such country is not possible. In this case, to certify documents for Ukraine one should apply to the consulate of that country (consular legalization).

Apostille is applied in the following cases:

• Foreign documents are notarized wherever they are executed, then an Apostille stamp is put, and finally the translation of the documents is notarially attested at the place of use.

• If Ukrainian documents need to be presented abroad, they are apostilled by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Education.

Apostille certifies:

• Authenticity of signature;
• Capacity of the signatory of the document;
• Genuineness of the seal or stamp affixed to the document.

To be apostilled, the document must meet certain requirements, as Apostille is not stamped on all documents.

The following documents are to be apostilled:

• Education documents (diplomas, academic degree certificates, certificates of general education, statements from educational institutions, curriculums, etc.);
• Certificates and documents of civil status (certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, death and other documents issued by a Civil Registry Office);
• Letters of attorney;
• Judicial decisions and materials on civil, domestic and criminal proceedings, documents from prosecution authorities;
• Articles of associations;
• Constituent documents;
• Patents;
• Registration certificates;
• Licenses;
• Documents executed by public and private notaries.

The following documents are not to be apostilled:

• Documents drawn up by diplomatic and consular institutions;
• Administrative documents directly relating to commercial or customs transactions, such as contracts and agreements for supplies, services, performance of various works and settlements on them;
• Originals, copies and photocopies of passport documents;
• Military cards;
• Work record cards;
• Gun licenses;
• Vehicle registration documents;
• Identity cards and substituting documents;
• Letters. The cost of apostillization of a document in the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Education is from 160 hryvnas.*

Consular legalization of documents This is a procedure for validation of authenticity of original documents, signatures of officials authorized to certify signatures on documents, as well as validity of stamps and seals attached to a document. The cost of consular legalization depends on the type of document to be certified.

* Prices are given VAT inclusive